Fourth Chakra Workshop: Anahata

Anahata, the fourth chakra, the heart
Workshop imparted by:
DELPHINE GUERMEUR, Yoga teacher and therapist.

Date and time
The workshop will take place on saturday the 22nd of March from 10 to 11:30 am.

We’ve established a contribution of13 € per person.

Attendance Booking
We ask anyone who wants to take part in the workshop to book a place with us by e-mail ( or phone (from 11 am to 2:30 pm and from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm, 934 157 252).
There is a limited number of people who can attend.

Himalayan Paradise, C/ Torrent de l’Olla 186, baixos. 08012 Barcelona.

Continuing our travel through the seven chakras, we offer you a workshop about ANAHATA, the fourth chakra. During the workshop we’ll be working with different yoga exercises, meditation, sound and movement . It will have a duration of one hour and a half.

This workshop is open to everyone, to yoga and meditation practitioners as well as to those without experience.

Anahata, the heart

The expression of our body’s center at the emotional level translates into LOVE, understanding, solidarity and a seeking for harmony in life.
A healthy fourth chakra makes us value simple things in life and be satisfied with what we have.

Negative expressions lead to being too introverted, cautious and melancholic, fearful of taking part in life fully. Anahata is the bridge between material and divine.

The challenge is opening our hearts to the uninterested vibration of universal love, experiencing unity, devotion, reverence for life, a link without any interest. The fourth chakra’s love is not linked to any object. It’s a love we irradiate upon anything that we find on our path, beccause we feel it inside as a state of the being. The heart’s love is by essence lasting, eternal and constant.

The fourth chakra is also the door to emotional health. It is related to our inner world, our emotional reacion to thoughts, ideas, attitudes and inspirations, as well as the attention we give our emotional needs.

When we rest on the heart chakra, we can get rid of our past’s wounds, painful memories and disfunctional self images.
The act of forgiveness involves a process of emotional cleansing.

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